How To Get Green Pass Belgium?

Once you’re IN EUROPE, however, you can get a Green Pass by simply getting a Covid test in Europe. On our recent trip to Italy, we presented ourselves at a pharmacy, took a quick antigen test, and the Green Pass was in our email inbox within about 30 minutes.

How to get the European Green pass for travel?

As an alternative to the digital version, you can request the Green Pass at pharmacies, from your GP, or pediatrician using your Italian health card. From July 1, 2021 the European green pass, digital certificate will allow travel between EU states.

What is the Green Pass and when is it issued?

The green pass (a digital QR code with your id and details) is issued when: a vaccine has been completed and is valid for 6 months, a doctor can declare you have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 6 months or a test has been administered within the last 48 hours.

How to check if your green pass is valid in Italy?

I will be travelling to Italy so I tested my certificate using the Italian Govt green pass checking app, which businesses use to validate your certificate, and it worked. App is called “VerificaC19” by “Ministero della Salute”. You can use it to check if your green pass is valid in the EU.

How do I get a covid-19 certificate in Belgium?

COVID pass application in Belgium. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is available in paper and digital format, making it safe and easy to use. Citizens can acquire their certificates via local health authorities and the Belgian digital public health portal Mijn Gezondheid.

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What do I need to travel to Belgium?

Here’s the complete list of the things you need to visit Belgium: The Health Declaration (called ‘Belgium Passenger Locator Form’ ). Remember that it works the same as a ‘vaccine certificate’, as it can be used to confirm you’ve been vaccinated (if necessary). Your passport with a valid due date.

How do I order a copy of the Belgian passport?

Those preferring a paper version can call a telephone number to order one by post (count on a couple of extra days for the delivery). Flemish residents will have to call the number 078/78.78.50. For Brussels, this is 02/214.19.19. Those in Wallonia can call 071/31.34.93.

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