How To Say Cheers In Belgium?

Of course, you can say cheers in Belgium, but they understand you even better in Flemish if you say Schol! For the Flemish; remember the episodes from FC De Kampioenen?! You can watch them all from all over the world after clicking the link. Enjoy!

Why do we say “Cheers” in different languages?

The word or phrase used in different languages for “Cheers” has various translations, but they all carry the same meaning. We say “Cheers!” as we clink glasses before taking a drink as a form of salutation – a gesture, or toast, meaning “to health and happiness”. While there is no definite proof of the origin

What is the origin of the Danish word for Cheers?

The Danish word for cheers is skål, which also means ‘bowl.’ This is thought to be due to the fact that Vikings would (supposedly) drink wine from bowls made of the skulls of their sleighed enemies.

Why do we say “cheers” before taking a drink?

We say “Cheers!” as we clink glasses before taking a drink as a form of salutation – a gesture, or toast, meaning “to health and happiness”. While there is no definite proof of the origin of this phrase and gesture, it is said to have been an ancient tradition.

How do you say Cheers in Northern Ireland?

Cheers in Northern Ireland (Ulster) is Slainte! (to your health) in Irish AND ‘Guid forder!’ : \L\1ood luck) in Ulster-Scots.

What is the Flemish word for cheers?

In Flemish, just the Dutch in the north of Belgium, we say Skal very often. Skål!

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What does Salut mean in Belgium?

Belgian Phrases

Hello: Salut Pronounced: Sal oo
Excuse Me: Pardon Pronounced: Paar don
My name is: Je m’appelle Pronounced: Zhuh-ma-pel
How are you?: Comment a va? Pronounced: Como a va
Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous Anglais? Pronounced: PAHR-lay voo Ahn-Glay

How do you say cheers in Bruges?

If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Useful phrases in West Flemish.

Phrase West-Vlams / West-Vloams (West Flemish)
Good night Slapwel
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Saluu
Good luck! Vee gheluk
Cheers! Good Health! (Toasts used when drinking) Santé

How do you cheers in Europe?

20 Ways To Say “Cheers!”

  1. Afrikaans: Gesondheid. Pronounced: Ge-sund-hate.
  2. Chinese (Mandarin):干杯 / gān bēi. Pronounced: Gan bay.
  3. Czech: Na zdravi. Pronounced: Naz-drah vi.
  4. Dutch: Proost. Pronounced: Prohst.
  5. French: Santé! / À votre santé!
  6. German: Prost / Zum wohl.
  7. Greek: ΥΓΕΙΑ
  8. Irish Gaelic: Sláinte.

What means Skál?

Noun. skål c. a bowl; a container. a toast; a raising of glasses while drinking and saying ‘cheers!’

What can I say instead of cheers?


  • here’s to you, good health, your health, here’s health, skol, good luck.
  • Irish slainte.
  • prost, prosit.
  • salut.
  • salud.
  • informal bottoms up, down the hatch.
  • British informal here’s mud in your eye.
  • British informal, dated cheerio, chin-chin, here’s how.
  • What is Bonsoir?

    What does bonsoir mean? Bonsoir means good evening or good night. Bonsoir is borrowed directly from French, in which it means the same thing.

    How do you say yes in Belgium?

    In German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swedish and Norwegian it is ‘Ja.’ (Sounds like ‘Yah.’) In Danish and Faroese it is ‘Ja.’ (Sounds like ‘yeah’.)

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    How do you say thank you in Belgian?

    is a colloquial alternative.

    Flemish translation: Hartelijk dank voor de uitnodiging / Hartelijk dank.

    Summary of answers provided
    4 +2 Hartelijk dank voor de uitnodiging / Hartelijk dank Serge L
    4 Bedankt voor de uitnodiging / heel erg bedankt Björn Houben

    Is Flemish same as Dutch?

    Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. In Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, people speak Dutch. Most of the time, this variant of Dutch is called Flemish.

    What is I love you in Flemish?

    How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Flemish

    English Flemish Pronunciation
    I love you Ik zie je graag Ik zee yuh graakh

    How do you toast in Croatian?

    Always know how to raise a toast …

    Booze 101: How to Say “Cheers” in 50+ Languages.

    Language Spelling Pronunciation
    Croatian Živjeli Nazdravlje Zhee-ve-lee Naz-dra-vlee
    Czech Na zdravi Naz-drah vi
    Danish Skål Skoal
    Dutch Proost Prohst

    What is the German toast?

    Zum wohl! Translation: To your health! This toast is similar to “Prost!”, but it’s typically used in more formal situation situations like a fancy dinner or retirement party. Prost is typically used as a toast for drinking beers, and Zum Wohl is usually the go-to toast for wine, schnapps, or spirits.

    What does Nostrovia mean?

    About. “Nostrovia” is the English mispronunciation of the Russian word, ‘Na Zdorovie’, meaning ‘cheers’. Nostrovia is now used as English slang for “let’s get drunk” and as a common drinking toast. Nostrovia!

    How do you say cheers in Norse?

    Spelled variably as Skål, Skál, Skaal, Skoal, or Skol (depending on country and how it’s transliterated in English), it’s the ubiquitous Scandinavian “cheers” that no drink of aquavit would be complete without.

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    How do you pronounce Proost?


    1. IPA: /proːst/
    2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
    3. Hyphenation: proost.
    4. Rhymes: -oːst.

    What country says cheers?

    This phenomenon is taken by some continental scholars as strong evidence that all Britons are telepathic.” In many places, cheers is actually a very informal word, and its meaning even differs country by country. Australia, New Zealand and in the UK: the meaning varies heavily, but usually thank you.

    What do the Irish say for cheers?

    So how do you say “Cheers”? “Cheers” in Irish is sláinte which is pronounced a bit like “slawn-che”. Sláinte means “health”, and if you’re feeling brave, you can say sláinte is táinte (“slawn-che iss toin-che”), meaning “health and wealth”.

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