What Is Eid Belgium?

EID Belgium: The Belgian ID card The polycarbonate credit card-sized document is the country’s national identification card, the official and mandatory ID document for Belgian citizens over 12.

How do I activate my eID in Belgium?

Click ‘Tools’ in the menu at the top and then ‘Add-ons’.

  1. Click ‘Extensions’ at the left.
  2. Select the ‘Belgium eID’ add-on and click ‘Enable’.

What is my Belgian ID number?

Every citizen having either a Belgian identity document or a Belgian residence document has a national registration number. You can find your national registration number on the back of your identity card. This number consists of 11 digits, the first six digits indicate the date of birth of the cardholder.

How can I get Belgian ID card?

Issuance. Residents of Belgium (both Belgian citizens and foreigners) receive their identity/resident cards from their local municipality. Belgian citizens who are resident abroad can apply for renewal of their identity card at their local Belgian embassy or consulate.

What is eID for?

An electronic identification (‘eID’) is a digital solution for proof of identity of citizens or organizations. They can be used to view to access benefits or services provided by government authorities, banks or other companies, for mobile payments, etc.

How do we use eID?

  1. Download the itsme ® app on your smartphone.
  2. Surf via your computer to this link.
  3. Connect your card reader and insert your eID card.
  4. You will receive your identification token.
  5. Take out your smartphone.
  6. Enter the identification token.
  7. You will receive a verification code.
  8. Choose your itsme ® code.

What is Card A in Belgium?

The A card : Proof of registration in the foreigners register – Temporary residence. This card is provided for NON EEA – Third-country nationals admitted or authorized to stay for an limited period. The period of validity of the electronic A card coincides with the duration of the temporary right of residence.

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What is eID card reader?

With an eID card reader, you can use your electronic identity card from home. Use the eID card reader, for example, to authenticate yourself on the internet or to place an electronic signature.

What does a Belgian social security number look like?

It is a unique 11-digit number consisting of the holder’s date of birth (first six digits) then three digits to differentiate people born on the same day (odd numbers 001-997 for men, 002-998 for women) and a final two digits calculated on the previous nine digits. Belgian businesses also get a Belgian NN.

Can you travel with Belgian ID card?

Belgian citizens may travel directly from Belgium to Ireland using a valid Belgian identity card OR a passport. The identity card has the words “Belgium Identity Card” in 4 languages (Identiteitskaart/ Carte d’identité/ Personalausweis/ Identity Card) along the top of the card (current version | previous version).

How can I get Belgian citizenship?

You need to live in Belgium for at least five years in order to receive citizenship through the residence. Showing that you are economically and socially integrated. You should have worked in Belgium for the past five years or should have taken an integration course. Showing knowledge of Belgian laws.

What is orange card in Belgium?

The Orange Card is a type of residence permit that entitles the holder to a temporary stay in Belgium. The residence permit is also known as “Titre de Séjour” in French. The foreign partner must file for a ‘Certificate of Registration’ to the commune within three months of entering Belgium.

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What is a EID number?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an EIN. You may apply for an EIN in various ways, and now you may apply online.

How is Eid determined?

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How do I register my digital key Belgium?

The first way is entirely online, and must be carried out using your electronic identity card (eID) or the itsme® app. To do this, go to the My digital keys website and identify yourself using your eID or itsme®; you will then be able to activate the digital keys of your choice.

How do I register for CSAM?

Registration for this is done via CSAM, the central registration point for all online services of the government.

You can register via CSAM with one of the different digital keys:

  1. eID and card reader;
  2. Itsme app;
  3. authentication app.
  4. security code via SMS;
  5. token.

How can I use the online services of the government without eID?

How can I use the online services of the government without eID? If you have an eID, but want to use an alternative to log in to the online services of the government, you can do this can on condition that you log in the first time with your eID to ‘CSAM – My Digital keys’ and activate one of the other digital keys.

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What is the Eid viewer and how to use it?

After installing the eID software, you can install the eID Viewer. This application gives you access to all your eID card data. Learn more about the eID Viewer. Note: the eID Viewer is not required in order to log in.

Is the Eid software available on mobile operating systems?

ATTENTION: new versions of eID Middleware and Viewer are available. Please install these new versions to keep using your electronic identity card in online applications without any problems. Alas! The eID software is currently not available on mobile operating systems.

How do I download or test the Eid software?

If you wish to download the eID software or eID Viewer or test the log-in process please visit this website on a standard computer running an operating system such as Windows, macOS or Linux. Before you can log in with your eID, you need to install the required software on your computer.

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