What Is Kot In Belgium?

In Belgium, a student room is called a kot. Originally meaning a small room in Dutch, the word became used in Belgium for broom cupboards, and nowadays is used to refer to student rooms.

What is a friet kot?

The word comes from Flemish and means small shelter, nest, cabin (as in friet kot, a chip shed, or kot à poule, a chicken coop ). It can also even refer to slums. This term specifically used in Belgium refers to a cupboard ( un kot à balais, a broom cupboard) and by extension any small room such as a student room.

What is the meaning of Kotter in French?

the verb kotter (‘to kot’), which means to rent and inhabit a kot, usually only during the week the nouns cokotteur or cokotier and cokotteuse (or cokotière ), which mean housemate.

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