What Is Orange Card In Belgium?

The Orange Card is a type of residence permit that entitles the holder to a temporary stay in Belgium. The residence permit is also known as “ Titre de Séjour ” in French. The foreign partner must file for a ‘Certificate of Registration’ to the commune within three months of entering Belgium.

What is Orange Belgium?

Orange Belgium is a subsidiary of the Orange Group, one of the leading operators in Europe and Africa for mobile telephony and internet access, as well as one of the world leaders for telecommunication services to enterprises. Orange Belgium is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

Can you leave Belgium with orange card?

Expect a control of residence by the police, after which you will be registered in the aliens register and will obtain a national number. Receive a temporary document, Orange card called ‘Attestation d’immatriculation-Attest van immatriculatie”. This Orange card does not allow you to travel outside Belgium.

What is an A card in Belgium?

The A card : Proof of registration in the foreigners register – Temporary residence. This card is provided for NON EEA – Third-country nationals admitted or authorized to stay for an limited period. The period of validity of the electronic A card coincides with the duration of the temporary right of residence.

Is it easy to get work permit in Belgium?

Typically the employee must apply themself. To get a type A Belgian work permit, you must prove you have worked for four years on a type B Belgian work permit within a 10-year, uninterrupted legal stay in Belgium.

Can I travel with F card Belgium?

An F (for family reunification) card is merely a residence permit valid in the territory of Belgium. It would not be issued to a Belgian citizen, and only Belgian citizens can travel (within the EU, EEA and certain other countries) on a Belgian ID card.

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Can you work with Orange card?

Having an orange card does not automatically grant you the right to work. However, a social worker or a lawyer can apply for a professional card C for you. Then, after a 4-month waiting period, you can be granted the right to work.

How can I get permanent residence in Belgium?

After you have lived in Belgium for five years, you can apply for permanent residency. Long term residence allows you to stay indefinitely in the country with the same rights as Belgian nationals. It is valid for five years, and it is renewable.

Does a child born in Belgium get citizenship?

Babies born in Belgium are entitled to receive Belgian nationality at birth if either parent has Belgian nationality. Babies born in Belgium to non-Belgian parents will acquire their parents’ nationality, provided this is allowed by the parents’ country of origin.

How long do you have to live in Belgium to become a citizen?

You need to live in Belgium for at least five years in order to receive citizenship through the residence. Showing that you are economically and socially integrated. You should have worked in Belgium for the past five years or should have taken an integration course. Showing knowledge of Belgian laws.

What is blue card in Belgium?

With a European Blue Card, a foreign employee who does not belong to one of the well-defined categories and who therefore needs a work permit, can work and stay in Belgium for more than 90 days.

How much does a work permit cost in Belgium?

The work visa cost €180. This fee includes all types of long-stay visas. The fee is per person and it is paid by your employer when submitting your visa application at the Belgian Immigration Office.

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Can I work in Germany with Belgium work permit?

If you do not have EU nationality, you are not allowed to work in Germany without a residence and work permit.

How long does it take to get work permit in Belgium?

It takes around 8 to 10 weeks to secure a work permit assuming the company is appropriately registered. Documentation required (Employer): Signed and dated application form “Authorisation for the employment of a foreign employee”

Can I travel to UK with Belgium f card?

Can I travel to the UK with my Belgian ID Card? If you are a Belgian national, you can travel to the UK with just your Belgian ID card (identiteitskaart / carte d’identité / personalausweis / identity card) or with a valid Belgian passport. It is every traveller’s responsibility that their travel document is valid.

Can I travel to UK from Belgium without visa?

Do Belgian citizens need an ETA for the United Kingdom? Belgium forms part of the European Union and all EU nationals are able to visit the UK without a visa.

What happens if you marry a Belgian citizen?

marrying a belgian citizen does not automatically grant citizenship for the other foreign spouse. They will have to go through application procedures. they must be resident in Belgium for three years before applying.

How do I cancel my Belgian residence?

If you do not return your residence permit to the town hall prior to departure, you need to write to the town hall (enclosing a copy of your residence permit) and ask to be deregistered. Make sure that you inform the town hall of your new address and of your permanent address in your home country.

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What is Annex 8 Belgium?

Foreigner’s ID card

If a positive decision is made by the immigration office, you will receive an annex 8. This is proof of your registration in the Belgian national registry. You may also request an electronic ID card (type E) but this is not obligatory – a fee will apply.

Can I bring my brother to Belgium?

If you’re not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland but your relative or partner is, you may be eligible to join them in Belgium. In general, spouses, registered partners, and children under 21 of EU/EEA/Switzerland nationals are entitled to a residence visa for the purpose of family reunion in Belgium.

Can I work with Annex 19 Belgium?

EU citizens must be able to present an identity card, passport or any other official document proving their EU nationality. In order to be legally employed they do not have to present Annex 19, an electronic residence card E or E+ or any other ‘residence document’ or work permit.

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