What To See In Leuven Belgium?

Leuven has many great abbeys but at the top of the list is the Keizersberg Abbey. Built by Mardsous monks the abbey, with its surrounding wall, looks more like a fortress than a place of worship. Even so, it is still a beautiful sight and the gardens here, which are now a public park, are a great place for panoramic views of the city.
This huge building with millions book collection is another landmak of Leuven. To visit the library and tower you need to pay for a fee. A huge plaza in front of the library with no obstruction is the best place to take pictures. The surrounding area is restaurants. The building architecture is fabulous.

What are the best places to visit in Leuven?

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 14. Father Damien’s Crypt 15. Sint-Donatuspark 16. Kotmadam 17. Arenberg Castle 18. Het Depot 19. Sint-Antoniuskerk 20. Abdij van Park Also based at the Abbey is an association called PARCUM which is dedicated to religious heritage conservation in part 21. Abdij van Vlierbeek 22. Sint-Michielskerk 24.

Why visit Leuven’s Botanical Garden?

Leuven’s Botanical Garden was established in 1738 by the University for its medicine students. To this day, the garden is used to grow herbs and study medicinal characteristics of plants. Additionally, it is also simply a beautiful green place where locals and visitors can go to get some fresh air, read a book and learn about horticulture.

What are the World Heritage Sites in Leuven?

The 50-meter (164-foot) tower, although unfinished, is another World Heritage Site in Leuven. It is included on UNESCO’s list of “ Belfries of Belgium and France.”

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