Where Does Belgium Get Its Gas From?

The natural gas we use in Belgium comes mainly from Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Qatar and Germany. It is brought in via various underground and undersea gas pipelines as well as by boat, in liquid form, via the Zeebrugge terminal.

Where does the EU get its natural gas from?

In 2019, almost three-quarters of the EU’s imports of natural gas come from Russia – accounting for 41 percent. According to Eurostat, the EU received most of its natural and liquified natural gas in 2019 from Russia. The statistics indicate the EU received 34.3 terajoules from Russia in 2019, which was down 0.1 (TJs) on the previous year.

What is energy in Belgium?

Energy in Belgium describes energy and electricity production, consumption and import in Belgium. It is governed by the energy policy of Belgium, which is split over several levels of government. For example, the regional level is responsible for awarding green certificates (except for offshore wind parks)

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