Where To Eat Brugge?

The Best Restaurants in Bruges 1 Den Huzaar 2 Mozart, More than just Ribs – Bruges 3 Otomat 4 The Hobbit 5 ‘t Zandkoekje 6 Take Five 7 De Lange Muur. Menu Lunch 14.5€ €14.5 8 Narai Thai 9 Pizzeria Da Vincenzo 10 Charlie Rockets More items

Why should you visit Bruges?

If you’re a foodie, exploring Bruges will be a delight for you owing to the scrumptious dishes and fine beer that you get here. Some of the bars and restaurants in Bruges are built on buildings that are hundreds of years old! You can explore the city while trying different restaurants and bars.

Why Dede Jonkman Bruges?

De Jonkman is definitely a must-try when on holiday in Bruges. Whether you’re looking for a five star Michelin experience or a casual night drinking delicious Belgian beer and eating finger food, Bruges has no shortage of amazing options. From the grill to the traditional European style cuisine, there’s something amazing for any kind of appetite.

What are the best restaurants to try in Brussels?

Cafe Rose Red: Although more popularly known for its beer, Cafe Rose Red serves delicious food. Make sure you try their tomato tapenade, and charcuterie and cheese platters. Lion Belge: Lion Belge serves a delicious range of steaks, fish and mussels. Their portion sizes are also very generous!

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