Where To Spend Ecocheques In Belgium?

Many local supermarkets in Belgium accept eco-cheques for specific eco-friendly products. Eco cheques are accepted at some of Belgium’s supermarket chains including Lidl and Carrefour. Cheques can be spent on a range of products including organic fruit & vegetables, health supplements, and eco-cleaning supplies.
In Belgium, you can go to Vanden Borre, Krefel, or even Ikea to purchase home appliances with eco cheques.
You can buy beer or paint, new tires or oil. You just need to know where. One day Belgium will work out a system where employees can be paid with money and all the fraud around ECO and service cheques will vanish. I know a pub that will take service or eco cheques. Just spent them where you can and use cash to buy what you need.

Is it easy to spend your ecocheque?

But the EcoCheque market has evolved substantially in the last few years, and now it’s easy to spend those cheques – or to use digital EcoCheques, a convenient card some employers are now handing out. HOWEVER: Confusion still exists due to a couple of situations.

What can you buy with Delhaize ecocheques?

Delhaize in particular has an ever-expanding range of organic products. Whereas it used to be limited to vegetarian products like veggie burgers and tofu, now you can find a whole slew of fresh organic produce, eggs, rice, yoghurt and much more. EcoCheques can also be used to buy food at organic food shops.

Where can I spend EcoCheques?

Many amusement and cultural venues accept EcoCheques for admission. This includes the hands-on science centre Technopolis in Mechelen, Antwerp Zoo and Theatre Royal du Parc in Brussels. Most energy-efficient electronics and appliances can be bought with EcoCheques.

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Where can I use Sodexo Belgium?

There’s a store near you!

  • BGS ELECTRICITEAvenue de Mérode 11.
  • LUNAVIOLETTEAvenue de Mérode 43.
  • JARDINERIE PHILIPPEAvenue Franklin Roosevelt 7.
  • AD DELHAIZE LIMALAvenue de la Gare 13-14.
  • DELHAIZE GENVALAvenue Albert I 13.
  • ELECTRO ZSCHAURue Achille Bauduin 68.
  • CENTRAL JARDIN – ROSIERESRue de l’Institut 110.
  • Does Coolblue accept EcoCheques?

    Yes, Coolblue accepts EcoCheques and paper Consumption Passes. You can read all information about EcoCheques on our special EcoCheques page.

    What are eco vouchers in Belgium?

    What are eco vouchers? Eco vouchers can be used to purchase ecological goods and services. Given by employers to employees, eco vouchers benefit from a favourable social security and tax treatment, provided that a number of conditions are met.

    How do I use my Monizze card?

    How can I activate it?

    1. By text message: send the activation code in the mail accompanying your card to 8844.
    2. On your personal space « myMonizze »: go to mymonizze.be and click on « Activate the card ». You can then fill in the requested fields. After that, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your password.

    What can I pay with Sodexo?

    Sodexo – Now accepted on JioMart

  • Sodexo Meal card can be used for the purchase of food & Beverage only.
  • All products that are eligible for Purchase using your Sodexo Meal card are clearly tagged with an identifier – “Sodexo Eligible” or “Eligible for Sodexo.
  • Sodexo Meal card is applicable only on prepaid transactions.
  • Can sodexo be used for non food items?

    Hi, Sodexho meal pass can be used to buy only food items and not any other items at all and hence Reliance and Big bazaar have disagreed for the same. You can buy your monthly rations using the coupons and the money you would have spent for rations can be set aside and TV can be bought.

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    Can I buy alcohol with Sodexo?

    The Card is not transferable and can be used only by the User of the Card. You may use the Card to make payments for purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages from Sodexo’s Merchants within India.

    How do meal vouchers work in Belgium?

    In Belgium the meal voucher is considered as an extra-legal advantage. This means that it involves tax benefits for employer and employee alike. For the employer: 100% exemption from social charges.

    How many business areas is Sodexo divided into?

    Sodexo’s offer is divided into three service categories. Employee benefits including food, gift, personal care, leisure, education and home services.

    What is Sodexo card?

    A Meal card that allows employees to enjoy. tax benefits and freedom of choice on. Sodexo proprietary meal merchant outlets. Meal allowance for employees on card platform. A Meal card that allows employees to enjoy tax benefits and freedom of choice on Sodexo proprietary meal merchant outlets.

    What is the company Sodexo?

    Sodexo (formerly Sodexho Alliance) is a French food services and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. It has 428,237 employees as of 2019 and a presence in 80 countries.

    What are the best-selling products through ecocheques?

    We are told that the best-selling products through ecocheques are economic light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, plants and everything that rotates around the bike

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