Where To Swim In Belgium?

Unfortunately, Brussels doesn’t have much to offer by way of natural swimming spots. There are a few open-air pools in the region, such at the Oceade water park near the Atomium and the Huizingen provincial domain in Beersel, as well as a handful of chlorine-free pools, like Espadon in Etterbeek and Triton in Evere.
Feel at one with nature and take a dip in the river

  • Maboge Beach – La Roche-en-Ardenne.
  • Nawés Beach – Herbeumont.
  • Lake Robertville – Waimes.
  • Lake Bütgenbach – Bütgenbach.
  • Lake Conchibois – Saint Léger.
  • Renipont Beach – Lasne.
  • De Ster – Sint Niklaas.
  • Bambois Lake and Gardens – Fosses-la-Ville.
  • Where to go for a beach vacation in Belgium?

    The Belgian Seaside: Top Ways to Enjoy Belgium’s Coast. 1 Ostend. As the only true ‘City at the Sea’, upon arrival you will discover over 9 kilometers of great sandy beaches that invite you to sunbathe, walk 2 De Hann. 3 Blankenberge. 4 Nieuwpoort. 5 Knokke-Heist.

    What to do in Belgium in summer?

    The Belgian Seaside: Top Ways to Enjoy Belgium’s Coast. Only 50 minutes by train from Brussels, a visit to the Belgian coast is a great way to relax, enjoy the occasional summer sunshine and take a break from the city lifestyle. With 65 kilometres of coast, Belgium has a lot of different seaside resorts to choose from.

    Can you swim in Belgium beaches?

    Where can I swim in Belgium? Knokke-Heist and De Haan are some of the beaches in Belgium which provides swimming facility.

    Can you swim in Ghent?

    In Ghent, you can not only go to the indoor swimming pools for a refreshing session of swimming laps, but you can also go to a number of beautiful outdoor locations. *Did you know that the name ‘Ghent’ is derived from the Latin word for mouth?

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    Can you swim in Antwerp?

    Swimming in Antwerp

    The presence of special plants means you can swim here in naturally filtered water. Or why not visit the city’s oldest swimming pool, the art-deco gem in Veldstraat, where you can swim in a 33 metre pool, enjoy a hammam or relax in the hot tub complex.

    Can you swim in Brugge?

    LAGO Brugge Olympia offers a wide range of aquatic adventures for children and adults in West Flanders’ most fun water park.

    Which is the best beach in Belgium?

    The 17 best beaches in Belgium

  • Ostend Beach.
  • Knokke-Heist beaches.
  • De Panne Beach.
  • Blankenberge Beach.
  • De Haan Beach.
  • Bredene Beaches.
  • Oostduinkerke Beach.
  • Koksijde Beach.
  • Can you swim in Ostend?

    Swimming is forbidden. This makes it less attractive for sunbathers and swimmers to install themselves there. In addition, this beach area is regularly used for various activities and events.

    Are there any beaches in Brussels?

    Ostend. Ostend is considered the most vibrant Belgium sea resort and boasts over 9 kilometres of sandy beaches, with a sea that is perfect for a refreshing swim. Only 30 minutes from Brussels, this city hosts one of the most spectacular sand sculpture festivals in Europe during the months of July and August.

    Does Belgium have a coastline?

    The coast’s 65 kilometre long stretch of sandy coastline has 15 resorts, each with its own character and unique atmosphere. The sandy beaches are ideal for children. The beaches shelve gently out to sea, and life guards ensure everyone’s safety.

    Are there beaches in Bruges?

    The most popular of Knokke-Heist’s four beaches are Albertstrand and Het Zoute (‘the salt’), and these beaches are where you will find most of the high-end resorts that the area is known for. The beaches of Heist and Duinbergen are more laid-back, with Heist being most popular with families and locals.

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    Where to go swimming in Wallonia?

    Many of the rivers in Wallonia, such as the Semois, Lesse or Ourthe, are accessible for an illicit bathe, but for family-fit places, here are some of Belgium’s best lakes and ponds to take a dip. Somewhere between a pool and a pond, Boekenberg Park has been called the world’s most ecological swimming pool.

    How to get to the beaches of Belgium?

    One of the best ways to reach the Belgian coast is by taking the Coastal Tram from De Panne located near the French border to Knokke-Heist. The Coastal Tram is one of the longest trams in the world, which takes you directly to the most picturesque beaches in Belgium.

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