Which Language Do Belgium Speak?

There isn’t just one official language of Belgium, but three: Flemish Dutch, French and German. That’s despite fewer than 1% of Belgians speaking German as their primary tongue. Belgians are, as a nation, extremely committed to language learning.

What is the language called that Belgian people speak?

  • Flemish (Dutch)
  • French
  • German
  • Luxembourgish And More
  • What languages are spoken in Gent Belgium?

    What Language Does Ghent Belgium Speak? In Belgium, Dutch is the official language. Flemings Flemish’s use of Dutch is commonly called pejorative by French-speakers, while still being technically Dutch. There are several dialects of Dutch that are spoken in Flanders, often called Dutch lligent dialect.

    How do you say thank you in Belgium?

    Thank you (informal) Dank u: Thank you (formal) Bedankt: Thank you (no distinction) Dank je wel or Dank u wel: Thanks a lot (informal or informal) Hartelijk bedankt: Heartfelt thanks: Geen dank: No thanks necesary/You’re welcome

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