Why Not Bruxelles?

There is another issue that make the visit in Brussels unpleasant: the feeling of deep social crack. I’m not saying that every single minute you can feel it in the air but the mutual antagonism between the north (Flemish region) and the south (Waloon region) is observable. There is an ongoing political crisis with a threat of the country partition.

How bad is the traffic in Brussels?

Actually, ‘Wall Street Journal’ made a report about this problem and concluded that Brussels residents are the worst in traffic. According to them, an average citizen spends more than 80 hours per year stuck in the traffic, and some sources say that Belgium loses 2% of GDP because of it. 8. Protests: Protests of all groups, real and unimaginable.

Why are strikes and street blockages happening in Brussels?

Things that were happening in the capitals of European countries – strikes and street blockages are happening every day in Brussels. Namely, if Romanian villagers are dissatisfied with the price of root or Polish homosexuals have problems in public transport – they strike in Brussels.

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